LGBT Literature is OUT & Proud at Cărturești!

Between 3-8th of June, GayFest and Cărturești bookstores gather forces to bring you an exclusive LGBT literature bookshelf. We’ll be making the official opening in the presence of Kevin Sessums, author of the international bestseller, Mississippi Sissy, who will also hold a public lecture for the participants at the opening. Read more

Solidarity, Intersectionality and Activism. From personal experiences to common strategies

What does it take to live as a lesbian woman in the Romanian society? Or as a poor lesbian woman who also has a disability? What does it take to be an LGBT person who, at the same time belongs to another minority category? Which are the necessary solidarities and coalitions that can bring justice to this type of multiple experiences? What is solidarity all about and who should we expect it from? Read more

Pedro Almodóvar’s latest movie, ‘Los Amantes Pasajeros’, at Elvire Popesco Cinema

GayFest and Elvira Popescu Cinema bring you Pedro Almodóvar’s latest movie, ‘Les Amants Passagers’. A gay-friendly, straight-friendly or, better said, diversity-friendly comedy that will inevitably make us recall Almodóvar’s early years as a director. Read more

HIV/SIDA in history: Eliminating the GBT (Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) men community stigma

Communities of GBT men (Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) worldwide has always been one of the highest exposed to HIV groups. In order to better understand the community’s current situation in Romania, from both social and legal perspectives, it is important to present and analyze the ways in which this issue was approached in time. Read more

Discussion: Transgender people in Romania

Friday, June 7th, from 5 PM, you are invited at Elvira Popescu Cinema for a series of LGBT short-films, a discussion about transgender people in Romania and, of course, a must-see transgender-themed documentary. Read more

Why do we keep going to the Pride? Discussions, short-length movies and a documentary at Elvire Popesco Cinema

The Gay Pride has been taking place in Romania for 9 years. Up until today, the Romanian society has gone through a series of transformations and regulations in both social and cultural aspects, as well as in matters of legislation.
Before watching the movie ‘Beyond Gay. The politics of Pride’, we invite you to a discussion about the meaning of Gay Pride, its importance but also about need for public expressing and visibility. Read more