GayFest 2013 Program

Monday, June 3rd

Location: Cărturești Verona Bookstore
Address: Pictor Arthur Verona Street No. 13-15

18:00 LGBT Literature Section Opening Event

This year, LGBT literature is Out & Proud!
Between 3-8th of June, GayFest and Cărturești bookstores gather forces to bring you an exclusive LGBT literature section. The bookshelf aims at raising concerns about the before-hand given concepts regarding human sexuality.

18:30 Public Reading: Kevin Sessums

Kevin Sessums, author of the international bestseller, Mississippi Sissy, comes over to Cărturești to talk about his book, to read us parts of it, but also to tell us a bit about the fascinating real life happenings that inspired it.

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Location: Legere Live*
Address: Piața Rosseti Nr. 5

20:00 Play: Deseori Neobservat
Featuring: Istvan Teglas, Cristi Gheorghe
Director: Amalia Olaru
Runtime: 60 min

Inspired by Herta Muller’s novel, The Cradle of Breath, Deseori Neobservat becomes a self-contained show, a story about the simplicity of the bind between existence and nonexistence, about the game between fantasy and reality and, of course, a story about love.

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*connected event – Entrance fee: 30 RON

Tuesday, June 4th

Location: Faculty of Political Sciences, SNSPA, Room 12
Address: Povernei Street no. 6

18:00 Discussion: Intersectionality, solidarity, coalitions: experiences and strategies

Is solidarity conditioned by experience, but also by the understanding of the intersectionality of oppression emergences? Why is interesectionality a missing approach in political analyses as well as in activist practices, which in many cases are involved in specialized, singular causes?
The workshop’s purpose is to start a preliminary discussion about the multiplicity of oppression and discrimination acts that many people are facing in the Romanian society.

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Wednesday, June 5th

Location: Faculty of Political Sciences, SNSPA, Room 12
Address: Povernei Street no. 6

17:00 Discussion: CESIP – Center of Political Ideas Studies
Guests: Liliana Popescu, Florin Buhuceanu, Roxana Marin, Rafael Andrade

”I have nothing against gay people, but why do they have to go marching on the streets, so that my kids could see them holding hands?”
Not just once did we have to face such behaviours and attitudes from our fellow citizens. That’s why we wish to raise a few concerns about this issue.

Why do we have to draw attention upon us?
Why are Gay Prides organized every year?

In a society where Christian morality is deep-rooted in its culture, are people ready to become aware of the fact that there are fellow peers like them who keep facing everyday acts of discrimination that go from ”If I touch him, will it get to me as well?” to ”Our company does not hire homosexuals.”

We invite you to a discussion that wishes to present the perspectives of people who don’t get that much of attention from the media, of those who are mocked when they start talking about sexual minorities’ rights and of those who fight for the rights other just take for granted.

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18:30 Documentary Film Projection + Discussion about HIV, the gay, bisexuals and transgender men community and about their current situation in Romania
Special guests: Kevin Sessums, Tudor Kovaks, Marian Ursan

The documentary follow the evolution in time of the social perception regarding HIV/AIDS, of the steps made towards changing and improving it, but also towards obtaining legal protection for the highly exposed communities.
The projection will be followed up by a discussion about GBT men community (gay, bisexuals, transgender) in Romania, from the HIV/SIDA perspective, and about the current social and legal context.

Location: Control Club
Address: Constantin Mille Street No. 4

23:00 Boulangerie – LGBT Party
Swizz Creepz (US), Ursa Majora

Thursday, June 6th

Location: Elvire Popesco Cinema
Address: Dacia Blvd. No. 77

19:00 LGBT Short films projection

Prora (11 min)
(Switzerland, 2012)

Attu Vatn? (17 min)
(Iceland, 2010)

19:30 Discussion: Why do we go to the Pride?

Before watching the movie Beyond Gay. The politics of Pride, we invite you to a discussion about the meaning of Gay Pride, its importance but also about the need for public expressing and visibility.

21:00 Film projection (long-length)

Beyond Gay. The politics of Pride
Documentary (Canada, 2009)
Director: Bob Christie
Runtime: 87 min

Beyond Gay. The politics of Pride is a stunning documentary about the evolution of Gay Pride, from its early years and up until today, about its role and importance in the modern LGBT liberation movement.

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Friday, June 7th

Location: Elvire Popesco Cinema
Address: Dacia Blvd. No.77

17:00 Film projection (long-length)*

Los Amantes Pasajeros**
Comedy, Drama (Spain, 2013)
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Runtime: 90 min

A gay-friendly, straight-friendly or, better said, diversity-friendly comedy that will inevitably make us recall Almodóvar’s early years as a director.

Original Spanish version, with Romanian subtitles.

*connected event – Entrance fee: 10 RON

(**English title: I’m so Excited!)

19:00 LGBT Short films projection

Kiss & Kill (11 min)
(France, 2011)

Dentro Roma (27 min)
(Italy, 2006)

Skallaman (12 min)
(Norway, 2011)

20:00 Discussion: Transgender people in Romania

The projection of the documentary Prodigal Sons will be preceded by a more than necessary discussion about transgender people in Romania, about visibility but also about the current legal frame in which they fit.

21:00 Film projection (long-length)

Prodigal Sons
Documentary (USA, 2008)
Director: Kimberly Reed
Runtime: 86 min

Prodigal Sons, the debut movie of Kimberly Reed as a director, is a stunning documentary about family, sexual and biological identities, childhood traumas, but also about the power of family love.

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Location: Control Club
Address: Constantin Mille Street No. 4

00:00 Boulangerie – LGBT Party
Massimiliano Pagliara / Andrei Rusu / Ursa Majora

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Saturday, June 8th

17:00 Gay Pride + Discrimination-free zone

This year, Gay Pride takes place on the Kiseleff Boulevard, from the Arch of Triumph to Victoriei Square, according to the following schedule:

17:00- 17:30 Gathering of the participants
17:30- 18:00 Gay Pride: Arch of Triumph –> Victoriei Square
18:00- 19:00 Discrimination-free zone

The participants’ gathering will take place at the Kiseleff Boulevard outset. Our volunteers will guide you towards the starting point.
This year, the Pride will end with a discrimination-free zone, near Victoriei Square, in the Kiseleff Park. There we will listen to a few speeches, initiative discussions and activities, thus creating a safe space in which each participant will be able to get involed.

Location: Atelier Mecanic
Address: 12, Covaci Street

22:00 GayFest 2013 Closing Party

After the Pride, ending with the discrimination-free zone, Atelier Mecanic becomes the free-party zone. For all of those who participated at this year’s GayFest edition, for its supporters and for other people as well, the most colorful party takes place at Atelier Mecanic!

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The entrance is free for all events, except for the connected ones.