Monday June 25

5.00 pm Living Library, Café Voyage – see details

The books inside the Living Library, which is a project made by ACCEPT Association and A.R.T Fusion, are people from the LGBTQ community (lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgender and queer) who are facing or could be facing with preconceptions or stereotypes and who are potential victims of discrimination or social rejection, or they can be people with life stories that could offer the reader a once in a lifetime learning opportunity.

The Living Library aims at promoting respect towards human rights and human dignity, to place diversity and all of its shapes into the spotlight, and to encourage interpersonal dialogue. Why is this dialogue so important? Because most of the times the differences between people are not valued as resources, and they lead to discrimination instead and to distrust and rejection.

8.00 pm Movie: Roma Boys, the Czech Center – see details

The main character from “Roma Boys”, David Tiser, will be present in Bucharest at the screening for discussions and questions.

Guests: Agentia de Dezvoltare Comunitara Impreuna.

Tuesday June 26

3.00 pm Characters Looking for a Script – see details

We invite you to meet unusual characters and to rediscover yourself in brand new situations, in an environment that lacks any severe rules and emphasizes collaboration and assertive communication.

When improvising creatively one becomes able to surpass emotional and cognitive blockages by stimulating spontaneity, intuition, flexibility and imagination.

The workshop seeks to explore the self creative potential, to outreach certain blockages, to activate personal and interpersonal creativity resources, self-confidence growth as well as improving communication and socialization abilities.

The workshop will take place on June 26 2012, at the ACCEPT Association Headquarters. The participation is free.

Note: This workshop has a limited number of seats. Hurry up and register!

In order to get registered, send us an email by June 24 at

Trainers: Iulia Molnar and Radu Filip

Iulia Molnar – Doctoral degree candidate in psychology, MD, psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in experimental psychology and psychotherapy on adult-child-couple-family, with psycho sexology expertise, couple and family therapy, unifying personal development in the experiential group.

Radu Filip – Psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in experimental psychology and psychotherapy focused on adult-child-couple-family, with psycho sexology, family therapy, self development and group development competences.

6.00 pm Community Art Exhibition – see details

Will exhibit: Oana Lohan, Miruna Boruzescu, Alexandra Carastoian, Lucian, Nicole, Izabela & more.

9.00 pm Movie: The Sons of Tennessee Williams – see details

I have documented a sub-plot in the struggle for civil rights during a time of total racial segregation in the southern US. The men you will see are the few remaining living participants from the beginning of this culture. The story is told from their voices and is a tapestry of collective experiences, without narration. I chose to focus on the humor in their experiences, so this movie is for people who want to laugh during the history lesson. Pass around the wine and feel free to laugh out loud! I promise you that every joke was put there on purpose.

Mardi Gras, drag royalty and a glittering civil rights revolution – where else could these elements come together but in New Orleans? Interweaving archival footage with contemporary interviews and lots of laughs, The Sons of Tennessee Williams tells the story of New Orleans’ gay Mardi Gras across five decades and uncovers the history of the first civil rights for gay people in the western hemisphere.


“This fascinating, occasionally quite dramatic look at the gay Mardi Gras “krewes” of New Orleans charts this subculture’s development from the harrowing bigotry of the fifties to the empowerment of the present day.” -New York Magazine

“Lightly debauched and thorougly colorful–an irreverent spoof of aristocratic tradition and a deadly serious protest against social injustice. Irrespressibly funny1″ Paul Brunick New York Times

A treasure trove of archival footage…touching!” – Lou Lumenick, NY Post

“Penning a new chapter in the history of gay-rights efforts, Tim Wolff’s “The Sons of Tennessee Williams” offers Southern grace instead of the in-your-face conflicts of better-known showdowns on the East and West Coasts… A likeable combination of fresh perspective and Mardi Gras glamour.” – John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter

“An ennobling civil rights documentary.” – Brandon Voss, Advocate’s Hot Sheet

“Uniquely engaging! A consciousness-raising revelation of the evolution of gay rights in New Orleans and by extension, the South.” – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“Compelling, fascinating! A living history from the survivors of a long struggle.”

-Nathan Kamal, Spectrum Culture

“The significance of this story—from the message of unity to the way Mardi Gras gave some gay New Orleanians a way to explain their lives to their parents—can’t be overstated, either for its impact on human rights or its power to move.” – Noel Murray, AV Club

“Every once in a while comes a documentary that you just know should be required viewing. Such is the case with the amazingly informative “The Sons of Tennessee Williams.” Extraordinary, moving and often amusing…it should be seen by every LGBT American and all of our allies.” – David Mixner, Live from Hell’s Kitchen

“Entertaining, captivating and joyful in its celebration of one of the most valuable stories in gay history.” -Inside Out: Toronto LBGT Film Festival

“A lively tribute to the historical importance of the homosexual community to Louisiana’s most famous city.” – Moving Pictures International.

Wednesday June 27

10.00 am Trans Conference – see details

6.00 pm Discussions about Love (I), Platforma Space – see details

Guests: Alice Calin, Alexandra Ana, Ovidiu Anemtoaicei.

9.00 pm Lady Gaby/ spoken word + Dj Boru, Atelierul Mecanic – see details

She hosted monthly poetry and performance show Fuel, Berlins wildest spoken word show at Schokoladen Club, Mitte, performance poetry and live music show, Movin’ Along with VERSES at Sin Club, Kreuzberg and organised workshops, exhibitions, live music, performance and readings at galleries and her private studio/salon Wonderbar.

Since her return to Berlin in 2001, from Melbourne Australia, she has organized shows for and networked with Australian musicians and performers at various venues and events. Bands and artists she promoted and organized concerts for in Europe have been: The Devastations, The Drones, Hate the Rock Trio, Hugo Race, Leonie Carmen, The Histrionics, Owl from the Swamp, John Kerner, Diving Bell, Brite Fight, Coco Shiny, Vardos, Brillig,Methylated Spirits, The Nasty Party, Justine Electra, Team Plastique, The Town Bikes and so many others. Currently she runs the monthly performance and live music evening, UNPARTY at the KING KONG KLUB, Berlin Mitte.

In January 2011, Lady Gaby was featured in the feminist magazine, FRANKIE (Sydney) in an article about Australian Artists living and working in Berlin.

Born in Bucharest and growing up with a classical music training, Miruna

Boruzescu aka Borusiade started approaching the electronic music scene as a DJ in 2002.

She started playing at electro/alternative clubs in Bucharest (Expirat, Web Club) out of the urge of sharing her passion for music discoveries with others. A positive feedback came fast with a constantly growing audience dancing until the break of dawn to her Electro-Techno/Electroclash dominated sets.

Very soon the DJ name Boru, which was basically only a name that friends

called her, started to have a resonance in the local scene. Borusiade became the first female DJ in a male dominated scene in Romania.

In 2005, together with a friend she formed, the Electronic/New Wave band Hector (, a project despite the fact that it never left the studio, was often mentioned as a stepping stone in the revival of Romanian electronic music.

In 2008 she moved to Berlin and started, together with the French artist

Kritzkom, the producing and DJteam , Stereonucleose (

They have been playing as a dj team at most of Berlin’s queer parties: Poopsy Club, Sabotage, Milkshake, Bend Over and in different other international locations and events like in Milan, Viena and Linz.

Independently, Borusiade has been playing in several clubs and bars in Bucharest, as well as organizing the event “Geistertanz” in the club Control with guest musicians from other cities of Europe

Other names she has shared the stage with: Andrew Weahtherall, Teenage Fantasy, Dasha Rush, Mz Sunday Luv and others.

The musical direction of Borusiade’s sets evolved as her technical knowledge increased. The sound crystalized into well selected 4/4

sets with deep energetic beats and a special focus on musicality; genres expand with an open range between Electro Techno to Minimal-Synth to Acid House as well as but one can always expect other “unconventional” genres to interfere anytime…

Thursday June 28

6.00 pm Discussions about Love (II), Platforma Space – see details

“I’ll explore the main principles of polyamory – the new philosophy and practice of love in the late capitalist societies.Discourse on polyamory will be analyzed from the radical left point of view. In order to do this, I will address writings of Alexandra Kollontai, the early XX century feminist bolshevik writer and politician from Soviet Union.” Tamara Zlobina has completed her Ph.D. at the National Institute of Strategic Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine (2008). Her thesis explores interconnections between spatial and ideological production in Ukrainian Soviet Republic and contemporary inian state. An independent queer feminist socialist scholar, art critic and curator, she specializes in contemporary art in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, feminist analysis of current scenarios of reproductive work and love life. Tamara Zlobina cooperates with Krytyka (Kyiv), Krytyka Polityczna (Ukrainian edition), Gendernye Issledovaniya (Kharkiv), Perekrestki (Vilnius), Public Preparation (Estonia), Vector (Romania), Hudozhestvennyi zhurnal (Russia), Obrazotvorche mystectvo, Korydor, Art-Ukraine (Kyiv) and others. New European College (Bucharest, Romania) Black Sea Link Fellowship research fellow (2011 – 2012, research title: Politics of everyday life. Critical art in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova). Participant of the Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching “Gender, Sexuality & Power ”, Research Center for Visual Studies of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine (2011 – 2013, research held and presented during the Seminar: Compulsory monogamy versus polyamory). Participant of Feminist ofenzyva activist group (Kyiv), Gender Expert Platform, Informational- analytical Gender Center “Krona” (Kharkiv), Lviv Research Center “Woman and Society” (Lviv). Co-editor of magazine of social critique Commons (Kyiv) where she is responsible for feminist and contemporary art departments. Invited editor of ArtAktivist art critique magazine (Minsk, Belarus) in 2011 – 2012 with feminist art topic

10.00 pm Scream Club Concert and Dj Bogman, Control Club – see details

They have been on over a dozen compilations and been featured on releases from K records, Chicks On Speed Records, Tiny Sensational, Alphapup Records, Wired Records, Alien8 Records, Ekleroshock Records, Rock Machine Records, Cherche La Femme Records and Top Quality Rock and Roll Records. They have three full length releases “Don’t Bite Your Sister” (Tiny Sensational 2004), “Life of a Heartbreaker” (AlphaPup/Crunks Not Dead 2006) and “Big Deal” (Emancypunx/Crunks Not Dead 2009). Their releases feature esteemed guests like Peaches, AWOL One, Beth Ditto, Mirah, Tender Forever, and Busdriver, and Scream Club tracks have been re-mixed by the likes of Yuksek, Leonard deLeonard, Hard Ton, Flore, The Shoes, and the Kumbia Queers.

There are over 10 official Scream Club videos, three of which (“If You Want It”, “Toi et Moi”, and “Break You Nice”) have aired on the National MTV-owned Channel LOGO in the states, while others have screened at film festivals internationally. They are currently residing in Berlin and recording their fourth album.

Friday June 29

5.00 pm Samba Drums workshop for the March, Alternative Library

8.00 pm Theater: Jehanne Unscharf, Green Hours – see details

Jehanne Unscharf

a HamiltonLukacs Production

A present-day Joan d’Arc struggles and lashes out at her surroundings, demanding justice amid harassment and torture aimed at revealing her gender and her purpose. Using post/modern symbols such as the mundane act of eating a hamburger and the torture method of waterboarding, Jehanne undergoes inner and outer “trial”.

The second element of the performance articulates the connection between gender, sexuality and psychological testing / diagnosis. Inspired by an American personality test used by the US government to field candidates for positions involving top secret information (and since its development in the 50’s, used worldwide), a voice recites the test questions as the performer on stage reacts and interacts physically with the voice (her own?).

9.00 pm Film and discussion with the actress and the director: Becoming Penny, Green Hours

9.30 pm DRAG Kings & Queens workshop (preparations for the party),

Control Club

10.30 pm QUEER NIGHT / Guests: Crazy Bitch in a Cave, Joey Hansom and Boru, Control Club

Saturday June 30

2.00 pm Samba Drums workshop and designing / writing on placards, Alternative Library Drums: Moara lui Asan; Banners: ACCEPT’s office,

5.00 pm DIVERSITY MARCH: Piata Unirii-Piata Constitutiei-Park Izvor, see map

8.00 pm Theater: ROGVAIV, National Museum of Contemporary Art

Sunday July 1

2.00 pm Discrimination Free Zone,  Park CANCELLED

5.00 pm Movie: Secret Years, Noul Cinematograf al Regizorului Roman (Muzeul Taranului Roman)


Cafe Voyage, Gabroveni St., no. 9

The Czech Center, Ion Ghica St., no. 11

ACCEPT Headquarters, Lirei St., no. 10

Green Hours, Calea Victoriei, no. 120

Platforma Space, Adjunct to National Museum of Contemporary Art, Calea Mosilor 62-68, 1st floor

Atelierul Mecanic, Covaci St., no. 12

Alternative Library, Episcopul Radu St., no. 17

Home Matasari, Str. Matasari 17

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Izvor St. 2-4, E4 wing / entrance through Calea 13 Septembrie

Noul Cinematograf al Regizorului Roman (Muzeul Taranului Roman), Soseaua Kiseleff 3 – Intrarea in cinematograf se face prin Str. Monetariei

On this website (in English and Romanian) and on GayFest’s Facebook page (in Romanian :D) you will find the latest news and official details of the fest.